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Monday, October 3, 2011

Coffee Fusion: Little News Alert!

Kiwi Bubbletea
Little News Alert!

I may be performing at my local coffee house this weekend, or sometime in October!!!! So exciting!
Can I get a hallelujah?! It also has bubble-tea ad for those of you who don't know what bubble-tea is I feel sincerely sorry for you because it's very neat. It is basically any drink, whether it be coffee, tea, or a smoothie, and inside there are small pearls of tapioca balls. But tapioca doesn't have much of a taste so they take the flavor of what you are drinking. I would say it's very similar to tofu in miso soup. You don't really taste the tofu just what it's in. Here's a picture:

Anyway, back to my news! As I have said, I play guitar, harmonica, and little bit of a toy xylophone. I do sing, as well. My best friend, Danielle, has an abosolutely lovely singing voice. I would say very reminscent of Judy Garland, who happens to be one of her idols.  She plays the piano so I'm thinking we can do some duets and she play some backup piano. She's terribly shy so she might not want to sing on her own, but I'm pretty sure I can coax her right out of that. I hope so at least!

Me as a watermelon
I am just so happy at even the prospect of being able to perform in an open group of people. I am shy but I don't think so when it come to something that I love. I love music and people and being surrounded by the loves of my life. So, though I am scared and nervous I have the best of intentions that it will turn out a-ok. At least I hope so!


  1. Looking forward to hear how it went.Can imagine how exited you must be;))

  2. @Dzoli
    Oh, I will definitely post about it afterwards! With some pictures as well! Thanks Dzoli!

  3. I am definitely a Bubble Tea Drinker! I love the stuff! Congrats on your "gig". I Can't wait to see pictures...And how about a little video?